Welcome to the new SwissDock, based on the Attracting cavities and Autodock Vina docking engines.
Please, note that the old version, based on EADock DSS, is still available at the address http://old.swissdock.ch and will be maintained for several months. Consider transitioning your projects from the old to the new server. Thank you!
Don't know where to start? Try with an example: binding of SNJ-1715 (PDB ID 0m6) to calpain-1 catalytic subunit (PDB ID 2g8e), of WRR-99 (r99) to cruzipain (1ewl), or of dabrafenib (p06) to B-Raf (5hie).
1 - Submit a ligand
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2 - Submit a target
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Sampling exhaustivity
Increase the sampling exhaustivity to increase the amount of computational effort.
Before a docking, we need to check your parameters. We check if the grid contains attractive points and if your job will not take too much time.
The computational time depends on:
  • the box size
  • the sampling exhaustivity
  • the cavity prioritization (Attracting Cavities only)
  • the number of random initial conditions (RIC) (Attracting Cavities only)
If you want to reduce the estimated time, reduce the number of RIC or the box size, decrease the sampling exhaustivity and/or the cavity prioritization.
(Prepare ligand and target)
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